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The voice of Herbert Martin reading the poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar is encoded on this website in RealAudio format.   RealAudio allows audio to be heard while it downloads, rather than forcing you to wait for the entire file to download like other digital audio formats.

To hear RealAudio, you will need the RealPlayer from RealNetworks, Inc.  This software is free, and can be obtained from the RealNetworks, Inc. website.  Installing the RealPlayer is quick and painless, and should be available for most operating systems.  To begin, click the button below for the most recent version of RealPlayer.

RealPlayer 8


Once RealPlayer has been successfully installed, you are ready to begin listening.  The RealAudio on this website has been optimized for different types of bandwidth.  Choose the button that is closest to your connection to the Internet


If you have a dial-in connection using a modem or a slower network connection, choose this button.
If you have a DSL connection, cable modem (RoadRunner, etc..), or other high speed internet connection, choose this button.


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